05 Jan 16

2016 Changes

Happy New Year!!!   The Board of Governors and Initiative leads have been working on various updates since our fall meeting and wanted to provide you with some important changes to roles, membership fees/renewals, and bylaws. Roles - Following the election of 2016/2017 Board of Governors, we have now appointed a Past Chair along with establishing a new Membership Initiative as well as a lead. Past Chair:  Kim Langstaff has agreed to assume this role.  With her extensive RAPA experience, familiarity with by-laws, and high energy, she will be a great addition to the board of governors. Membership Initiative:  Given the…

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14 Dec 15

Communicating System, Data, or Administration Changes to Business Partners

Shout out to all non-members!  This "member only" form has now been released to all non-members. This form was created by the RAPA Data Committee in order to provide a standard communication that can be used between business partners in the industry to share information on system, data, or administration changes. Examples of applicable uses of this form include, but are not limited to, full or partial system conversions, changes to data formats, key elements, or calculation fields, and data clean up efforts. There is further information on the first page of the documents below. The forms below are represented in Microsoft…

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26 Nov 15

Data Initiative Announcement

As of the RAPA Fall Meeting the Data Initiative is pleased to announce the release of Version 3 of “Reinsurance Reporting Guidelines and Best Practices”.  The new items are – Partial Conversions added to the Conversions Matrix, “New Client” reporting guidelines and templates, Claims Reporting Guidelines.  The “New Client” section is not only excellent if you are new to reinsurance reporting, but also a good reference for a quick understanding of what is important in reinsurance reporting.  This document was created through the RAPA Data Initiative to be used as a guide for best practices in reinsurance administration and reporting.…

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30 Oct 15

Thank you for another successful conference!

2015 RAPA Conference | Thanks A big “Thanks” to all the attendees, speakers, panelist, moderators, board members, initiative leads, and sponsors [Aurigen Re, Canada Life, Hannover Re, Optimum Re, Scor Re, Munich Re, and Protective Life]! Also, a special thanks to the planning committee*, led by Stephanie Williams for putting together a great agenda and coordinating logistics, with seamless execution. *Kelly Priest, Eddie Martinez, Mike Bell, Melanie Singletary, Karen Rotondi, Laura Rawlins, Garfield McIntyre, and Shayne Regnery. 2015 RAPA Conference | Summary This year’s conference kicked off with a dynamic overview of the importance of data integrity which really hit…

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13 Oct 15

A message to all conference attendees…

We are very pleased that you are attending the 2015 RAPA Fall Conference in Phoenix Tempe! This Sunday’s reception will take place from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at the Market Café & Patio.  A complete overview of the agenda is attached which includes exact times and location for each of the events.   This year we will be continuing our roundtable discussions which provide all attendees the opportunity to discuss relevant operational topics in a smaller group setting.   We have provided a list of the discussion items so that you have a chance to think about these topics in advance. Please note that…

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24 Sep 15

Fall 2015 – Roundtable Discussions

RAPA is working diligently to finalize the program for the 2015 Fall Conference. Speakers are confirmed, presentations are being compiled and, back by popular demand, roundtable topics are in the works. Last year’s survey indicate attendees found the roundtable discussions to be an excellent forum for knowledge sharing and included applicable information to all attendees. The benefits of Roundtable discussions include (but not limited to): Education on current operational issues/topics in the industry Understanding perspectives from direct writers, reinsurers, retrocessionaires Provides an interactive environment encouraging free-thinking and audience participation We strive to exceed our attendees’ expectations, therefore we are asking…

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