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Chair Resignation, Upcoming Vote & Conference Hotel

We are very excited for the upcoming 2015 Fall Conference and wanted to provide you with an update on some recent Board of Governor’s changes, logistics on the voting for the 2016/2017 RAPA Board, as well as an update on the rooms available at the conference.

RAPA Chair

After a great deal of thoughtful deliberation, Tom Hartlett, RAPA Chair, has recently decided to pursue a different career outside of reinsurance.  Given the urgent high demands of Tom’s new entrepreneurial career path and following support from the Board of Governors, Tom has resigned from his current role as RAPA Chair.   As per the by-laws, the Chair is automatically replaced by the Vice Chair for the rest if his term and I will assume the Chair role effective immediately.  We will not be filling the Vice Chair position as we are very close to the Fall Meeting where the new Board of Governors will be voted upon.

As a member of RAPA for a number of years, Tom has participated in various committees as well as serving in the role of Vice-Chair and Chair over the past 4 years.  His contributions have been significant and will be long-standing.  Through his diligent efforts and leadership RAPA formally became incorporated on October 21, 2013 and we have had a number of improvements in other areas such as the transformation from a committee structure to a project based initiative structure as well as the website, just to name a few.

Many sincere thanks to Tom for all his hard work and dedication to RAPA over the years and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors!!

Fall Conference Voting | Board of Governors

On a biennial basis, officer positions on the Board of Governors (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) are elected.  The Immediate Past Chair is also an officer position but is not elected for obvious reasons.    The term of 2 years is established to ensure that there is continuity for key roles and new opportunities for individuals who are interested in pursuing these positions.  RAPA would not be possible without the unwavering commitment and dedication of these individuals as well as initiative leads/sub-leads.

At this year’s fall conference, the voting member for each company and/or branch will be asked to vote on the new Board of Governors for 2016 and 2017.   We will be identifying voting members and confirming their attendance.  Those who are not able to attend may execute proxies to vote to a non-voting member of the same company who will be in attendance.  If you are a voting member who plans on executing a proxy or have any other questions on this process, please contact Kim Langstaff (  For your reference, the following is the voting member list: RAPA Voting Members

Per the RAPA by-laws, it is the past Chair’s responsibility to form a nominating committee,  find candidates willing to serve, and nominate candidates for each officer position.  Shaun Downey, our current past Chair, has been working diligently on this over the past several months and as part of this communication is providing notification to the membership of the nominees for election at the Fall Meeting.

Executive Committee Nominees for 2016 and 2017 are as follows, with brief biographies attached:

  • Chair:  Greg LaRochelle
  • Vice Chair:  Eddie Martinez
  • Secretary:   Genevra Pflaum
  • Treasurer:   Garfield MacIntyre

Biography – Executive Committee Nominees for RAPA

Greg, Eddie, Genevra and Garfield have all been members of RAPA for many years.  They have all contributed to the organization in different roles during that time, serving as members on committees and presenting at our meetings. Genevra and Garfield are currently leading two of our initiative groups.

The Immediate Past Chair position will remain vacant and the new Board of Governors will fill that role, per the by-laws.

Fall Conference | Rooms

We are on target to have a great turnout at this year’s conference.  As a result we are near capacity in our reserved block of rooms.  We have secured additional rooms and suggest that you book soon to secure your room at the conference rate as there are a limited number remaining.  Reserve your room using this link: Book your group rate for The RAPA Fall Conference 2015.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Greg LaRochelle, Chair

Reinsurance Administration Professionals Association