SOA Life & Annuity Reinsurance Seminar | August 14-15, 2017

Greg LaRochelle (RAPA Chair) and Shaun Downey (from John Hancock) recently presented at SOA Life & Annuity Reinsurance Seminar where Treaty Provisions and Reinsurance Administration continue to be top of mind.  Attached are the presentation materials from the entire seminar where they leveraged some of the great work that has been done by RAPA and provided some of their own thoughts on emerging concerns/future outlooks which they wanted to share as you may find it useful (2017-life-and-annuity-reinsurance-presentations):

Treaty Provisions Presenter: Shaun Downey, John Hancock (Slide 81 – 95)

o    Reinsurance treaty provisions can become particularly important and contentious when experience and profitability diverges from expected. This session will discuss common problems with treaty provisions, such as premiums, offset, severability, and claims, along with potential solutions.

Reinsurance Administration Presenter: Greg LaRochelle, RBC Insurance (Slide 96 – 125)

o    Administration of reinsurance treaties is often under-appreciated, but is vital to their long-term health and effectiveness for both parties. As products and reinsurance structures continue to evolve against the backdrop of legacy treaties, reinsurance administration challenges have increased. This session will discuss common challenges, current control and reporting standards, and suggestions for future consideration.