20 Jul 16

RAPA | SOA Update

RAPA has teamed up to collaborate on a number of initiatives with the Reinsurance Section Council of the SOA in order to enhance learnings and opportunities for both its members.     A few initiatives we have collaborated on to date: SOA Reinsurance Newsletter:  The quarterly publications are very insightful and relevant to our industry as well as the work we do every day with key topics such as Post Level Term (PLT), conversions, market share and new business by reinsurer, etc .   RAPA has submitted an article for Q3/16 which we will circulate to you as soon as it’s available.  Please…

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15 Apr 16

2016 Spring Meeting Success – A word from the RAPA Chair

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the 2016 RAPA Spring meeting!  We had some very good discussions and takeaways which we can build on over the short and long term.  To name a few: Education & Data Initiative joint venture brainstorming/next steps Webinars – software, training sessions, initiative roll outs RAPA representation/presentation at CRC annually SOA/CIA collaboration(s) – SOA conference, Reinsurance Section of the Newsletter, etc Membership drives e.g. LinkedIn ~450 RAPA followers vs ~100 RAPA members, targeted packages to companies not currently actively participating, etc. 2017 RAPA Conference – TBD (Orlando, Las Vegas, St. Pete’s, San Juan, etc)…

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11 Apr 16

Reinsurance Reporting Guidelines and Best Practices (4th Edition)

The Data Initiative team has produced the 4th edition of the Reinsurance Reporting Guidelines and Best Practices. Reinsurance Reporting Guidelines and Best Practices - Version 4 [31 March 2016] The new edition includes the following revisions: 4.0 31-Mar-2016 Added best practices for Joint Life Claims, Flat Extra, and Zero At Risk Amounts reporting Updated Conversion Guidelines Matrix

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21 Mar 16

RAPA Post Level Term Initiative Announcement

Over the last couple of years there has been increasing conversation around Post Level Term administration and how to appropriately handle these policies. Last year the Data Initiative hosted a roundtable on this topic and discussed many of the issues and challenges facing the industry. As a result of those discussions, RAPA would like to announce the formation of the Post Level Term Initiative.  Over the next couple of years, the Initiative will attempt to tackle the following goals: Host discussions around Post Level Term administration to gain industry insight and capture Best Practices. Explore, research and write a white…

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10 Mar 16

RAPA – 2016 Spring Meeting

RAPA is pleased to be hosting the annual spring meeting on Tuesday April 12, 2016 from 12:00pm to 3:00pm at Pacific Life Services offices, located at 375 University Avenue, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario (https://goo.gl/maps/fMNgD).    Lunch will be provided, followed by updates from the RAPA Board of Governors and Initiative Leads. Please RSVP to stephanie.williams@Hlramerica.com if you are planning on attending. We hope to see you in Toronto next month. Best Regards, Greg LaRochelle, Chair Reinsurance Administration Professionals Association RAPA |Spring Meeting Agenda Lunch: 12:00pm – 1:00pm Meeting: 1:00pm – 3:00pm Welcome and Introductions Communications / Website Financial Report Planning Initiatives progress…

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05 Jan 16

2016 Changes

Happy New Year!!!   The Board of Governors and Initiative leads have been working on various updates since our fall meeting and wanted to provide you with some important changes to roles, membership fees/renewals, and bylaws. Roles - Following the election of 2016/2017 Board of Governors, we have now appointed a Past Chair along with establishing a new Membership Initiative as well as a lead. Past Chair:  Kim Langstaff has agreed to assume this role.  With her extensive RAPA experience, familiarity with by-laws, and high energy, she will be a great addition to the board of governors. Membership Initiative:  Given the…

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