Bev Head Shot

Beverly Keeton – Membership Co-Chair

Name: Bev Keeton

Current Position with RAPA: Membership Co-Chair

Current Employer and Title: Ameritas Life Insurance Corp – Manager, Life Reinsurance Operations.

Biography: Bev has been in the insurance industry over a span of 30 years. After working and moving around her company in Life, DI, Annuity and Retirement Plans actuarial areas, her focus for the last 8 years has been life reinsurance. Bev enjoys working with reinsurance, reinsurers, and managing the Ameritas’s Life Reinsurance Operation team. She joined RAPA when she first moved into the reinsurance area in 2015. Discovering the RAPA community opened Bev’s world to other individuals in the industry and remains to be a great networking source. She has been part of other initiatives in the past but took on the role as Membership Co-chair in 2023 due to her passion for RAPA to continue to growth and thrive across the insurance industry.