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Genevra Pflaum – Past Chair

Current Position with RAPA: Past Chair

Current Employer and Title:  Hannover Re – Zenith Product Owner

Biography: Currently Genevra is Zenith Product Owner at Hannover Re, building a data onboarding system to be used around the Hannover globe.  Previously, she managed a team that handles data receipt, mapping, cession administration and analysis.  In this role she interacted with the many consumers of the data in the broader organization, as well as outside the organization, and worked to meet the evolving data needs.

Genevra began in a data management function over 20 years ago at ING Re and continued to build on that through Scottish Re and into Hannover Re.  She has been involved with RAPA and active in the industry since 2007.  Prior to becoming Chair of the RAPA Data Initiative in 2011, she participated on the committee for several years.  As Chair of the RAPA Data Initiative, Genevra lead the group to produce some very valuable documents for the industry such as “Reinsurance Reporting Guidelines and Best Practices” and  “Communicating System and Data Changes to Business Partners”.  She has also held the Secretary, Vice Chair and Chair role on the RAPA Board of Governors.  She has presented at the TAI User Group, the CRC and RAPA on reinsurance data and administration.  Genevra enjoys and values her participation in RAPA and the relationships she has built through industry involvement.