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Thank you for another successful conference!

2015 RAPA Conference | Thanks

A big “Thanks” to all the attendees, speakers, panelist, moderators, board members, initiative leads, and sponsors [Aurigen Re, Canada Life, Hannover Re, Optimum Re, Scor Re, Munich Re, and Protective Life]!

Also, a special thanks to the planning committee*, led by Stephanie Williams for putting together a great agenda and coordinating logistics, with seamless execution. *Kelly Priest, Eddie Martinez, Mike Bell, Melanie Singletary, Karen Rotondi, Laura Rawlins, Garfield McIntyre, and Shayne Regnery.

2015 RAPA Conference | Summary

This year’s conference kicked off with a dynamic overview of the importance of data integrity which really hit on the fundamentals of RAPA.  We are certainly obsessed with data with a keen understanding of the downstream impacts which can be detrimental to our business.   Robust controls and on-going due diligence with insights into potential risk is of the utmost importance to our industry.

Shifting gears, we embarked on an energetic presentation on how to “Unleash the Power of People” in our organization.  We followed a journey of engagement and strivers through the eyes of an employee and a manager.  In addition we had insights from “Dr. Laura” and past lessons learned which resonated very well with the group and something we can all utilize going forward.

At this point, we started contemplating whether it was time to hit the gym…emerging trends in wearable technology and how insurance companies are considering using this information to underwrite, price, and predict future experience was extremely insightful.   In the end, we opted for the brownies instead of the gym and headed to the Cloud.

Once we came back down, it was back to business with elections of the new board for governors for 2016 & 2017.  A special recognition took place for the outgoing board members [Susan Whitehead, Stephanie Williams, Kim Langstaff, Tom Hartlett], who all spent a number of years as part of the association and certainly wouldn’t be where it is today without their unwavering dedication.

It was then time breakout into groups and head out into the desert.  While we started looking for an Oasis in an Operational Desert, we found some developing issues in our industry and common solutions we could build on.   We had some very thought provoking discussions to end the day.

After a long day in the desert it was time to hit the trough….

Day 2 started out at 88mph where we headed back to the future (1984 to be exact).   It was a Thriller to learn how vulnerable our industry can be when it comes to data privacy & security.  Despite these evolving threats, we are working diligently to protect ourselves and obtained valuable insights to bring back to our respective organizations and improve oversight.

We concluded the conference with an overview from our initiative leads with some of the great work compiled from our members.  A testament to the harmonious work we do together to improve our industry in so many ways.

Get your cowboy hats and boots ready as we saddle up and head to San Antonio for 2016…

Best regards,

Greg LaRochelle


Reinsurance Administration Professionals Association